Go Orange For Hunger

September Is Hunger Action Month

  • September is Hunger Action Month
  • September is Hunger Action Month
  • September is Hunger Action Month

One in six people in America face hunger.  

This September, Go Orange for Hunger with the Food Bank of Northern Indiana during Hunger Action Month.  It’s time to raise awareness of this critical issue.

Celebrate Go Orange Day on Thursday, September 5, and bring awareness of the issue of hunger in our community through the month of September.  Buildings, landmarks and people across the country will go orange.  Hunger Action Month is our opportunity to be part of a month-long movement that has a real and lasting impact on the mission to end hunger in America and right here in northern Indiana.

  1. Wear orange clothing on Thursday, September 5, and ask co-workers, friends and family to join you.  Take a group photo and post it on our facebook page.
  • Display an orange ribbon in your business office, lobby or on your front door or light post to show solidarity for those who live with hunger insecurity.
  • Promote Hunger Action Month on your business marquee – Go Orange for Hunger Awareness.
  • Light your home orange for the month of September by purchasing orange light bulbs and replace your outdoor or indoor lighting with these orange bulbs.  Or, ask the manager of your office building, house of worship or community landmark if they can light up the building in orange for a month, week or just one day.
  • Hold a food drive during the month of September to benefit the Food Bank.
  • Start a dialogue with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to find solutions to help eradicate hunger in our communities.

Together we can solve hunger.

give food

Our local food pantries need your support to feed our community.


Your time is a valuable and low cost way to help those in need.