Ways to Give

You can be part of the solution. Together we can solve hunger.

Estate Planning/Capital Giving

Define your legacy by including the Food Bank of Northern Indiana in your estate planning. Your generous contributions to the Food Bank make our communities in northern Indiana a healthier place to those who live with hunger insecurity.  

Consider a Bequest:  Gifts through your will can be a particular item or a percentage of your estate.  Gifts can be contingent (passing on to us only if another beneficiary dies before you) or in trust, providing income to your spouse or children before passing for the Food Bank’s benefit.

Give Life Insurance:  You can name the Food Bank as a beneficiary of a policy on your life or contribute to an old policy that you no longer need.

Leave Financial Accounts:  You can indicate that savings, C.D.s or other financial accounts, including I.R.A.s, will be payable to the Food Bank upon your death.  Ask your account custodian for details.  Bequests of IRAs save significant taxes.

Include the Food Bank in Your Revocable Trust:  Lifetime trusts (revocable living trusts) relieve the property owner of management responsibilities, reduce probate costs, afford privacy and can be changed without the formalities of a will.  You can include the Food Bank as a beneficiary of your revocable trust.

A planned gift to the Food Bank is best made with the counsel of one’s financial advisor, attorney, accountant, banker, financial planner or insurance professional.

To learn more about these types of giving and other opportunities, please call (574)232.9986.

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